Interview with Patrick LeMieux and Amber Graham

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Doom Radio is a platform that continues to explore the developments behind Doom’s community and to understand the creative minds of its greatest contributors. For most of its history it has done this in discussion with people who have a lengthy and storied history with the game. What, however, might we be able to learn from someone who is not only new to Doom but who attempts a more academic unearthing of its development and significance? Are there things that we can learn about this 24-year-old game that we aren’t positioned to discover from within, but which others are from without? Is there something that Doom can teach the world of video games, even, in the creation of “metagaming” phenomenon like speedrunning and modding?

In this episode, Linguica talks to Assistant Professor of Cinema and Digital Media Patrick LeMieux from the University of California, Davis, about his 2017 Doom experiment. Joining them is Amber Graham, a computer science major and student in Patrick’s program. You can find links to their projects below, along with the Doom Is An Art Scene video by jmickle66666666, which was shown in the introduction to the course.

At the risk of lessening the impact for all future episodes and announcements, this is a must listen. Also, stay tuned for the interview with Obsidian, which has been waiting patiently in the wings despite the delay!

Patrick LeMieux’s website / Amber Graham’s profile / jmickle’s video

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3 Responses to Interview with Patrick LeMieux and Amber Graham

  1. doomintime says:

    “Comments are disabled for this video.” well that sucks, i loved what mickle had to say, but there’s no discussion to be had now!

    • alfonzo says:

      It does suck! I think mickle has some reservations about the way that video was handled, though I’m not sure if those reservations are connected to the disabling of the comments.

      In any case, I hope you enjoyed the conversation that did take place, here.

  2. yd says:

    great interview

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