For this week’s episode of Program B, host regular Matt Tropiano and Doom superstar Rottking sit down to talk about recent events in the world of our favourite FPS. Actually, it might be truer to say that I hold them hostage with a bunch of questions for an hour, but who’s to know? Featuring as part of this week’s discussion:

  • Mrowr!
  • Gotta go fast: The speedmapping process and tips for folks who struggle to make levels within an alotted time. Having participated in tens of different speedmapping events, I’ve not once managed to make a map within 100 minutes, or even 2 hours! What do, captain?
  • Fringe world IWADs. Which games would we really like to see more maps for, and why? Which IWADs have the most promise, given a range of unique gameplay mechanics or resources that might have not seen their full potential realised in the stock levels?
  • Multiplayer Insularity Part III: Rottking offers his own two cents on the matter of bridging the gap between the multiplayer scene and the wider community.

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Program B Episode 19: Camping, Tagging, and Map07 Remakes

On September 18, 2014, in , by alfonzo

What’s this I hear, a Doom Radio aka TTV Program B episode recorded one week after the previous one? Is a schedule finally emerging? Have the skies opened up to reveal the eschatological end-times of the universe? Whatever, there’s still plenty of Doom afoot and we’re back to chime in on some of last week’s more interesting events. Joined by Tarnsman and MionicDonut, this week features as its chief points of discussion:

  • The camping outfit. No, not the marshmallows and spooky stories kind… unless you find the prospect of a player propped up in the doorway to be a scary disassembly of your carefully orchestrated encounter.
  • The merits and pitfalls of Memfis’s proposed tagging system. How useful is it? Is it worth the trouble?
  • Multiplayer insularity redux: getting people to play more multiplayer, and getting feedback to be properly registered. TMD proposes an interesting duel tournament setup and discusses the viability of a deathmatch equivalent for the doomworld megawad club.
  • Planning another Map07, Map30 or Knee-deep In The Dead remake? KNOCK IT OFF!

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I should probably think about reserving all my resurrection and forum-digging jokes for a later date or something; at this rate we’ll be using one for every damn episode. Anyway, yes, we’re back again (again (again)), only this time we swear we’ll be sticking around for real. We’ve got a plan and everything!

The reinvigorated Program B setup ditches the monotopical discussion in favour of a more “current affairs” approach, with the hosts and guests winging it off the back of… well, whatever Doom-related idea comes to mind! This should help us with the rate of output and hopefully toward a more thriving thread. Feedback is as always encouraged, and folks are more than welcome to spin me a PM to take part in one of the future episodes. In this week’s episode, co-host Tarnsman and guest TMD (MionicDonut) discuss:

  • Doom MIDIs, and what’s considered appropriate for the game by members of the community. Caleb’s remarks on BTSX’s “gay” music might appear radical, but it’s an opinion that seems to be echoed at least in part by other members of the community, who have called certain tracks inappropriately “happy” or “like feudal farmer music”.
  • The insularity of the multiplayer community. Tarnsman highlights the lack of feedback received by Doomworld designers of deathmatch, CTF and other multiplayer maps from the player base they’re targeted at.
  • Handegg / Australian Barbarism.
  • Limitation projects (1024, 100 lines, 10 sectors, 5 rooms etc.); what level designers get out of it, how they tend to approach it when compared with other community projects, which of them work best, and the general question of their worth.

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Program B Episode 17: Weapon Mods

On May 14, 2014, in , by alfonzo

Hailing all the way from page 3 of Doomworld’s General subforum is the oft-neglected thread for Doom Radio aka Tango TV, featuring this week for your listening pleasure a discussion on weapon modifications. No topless glamour models to ogle at here though, I’m afraid (although we were engaged in talks with Fredrik a little earlier in the year), just plain old Doom stuff! Guest regular Xaser is joined by ClonedPickle and Minigunner as we talk about what we’d like to see more of (or less of!) in the modding community, how weapon mods like Russian Overkill or Project MSX might somehow help in increasing the accessibility of genres or games, and whether they might be in dire need of their own mapsets to fully realise their potential.

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Program B Episode 16: Objectively Wrong?

On April 10, 2014, in , by alfonzo

It may be some time before the hosts of Doom Radio start beating each other up over trivial matters like level design, but episode 16 of Program B sees an interesting topic fuel some fundamental disagreements. The discussion? Objectively wrong decisions in traditional level design, and whether there is merit to the assertion that some choices are simply wrong to make. I maintain that there are indeed right and wrong ways to go about maximizing enjoyment in level design (not to say that there is only one method), and that such choices are not entirely relative to the player’s preferences… but what about my peers? And what say you, dear listener?

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Program B Episode 15: Cacowards Post-Mortem

On February 8, 2014, in , by alfonzo

Contrary to any previous statement issued by the staff of Tango TV aka Doom Radio, the Grand Hiatus™ that long afflicted the community’s favourite podcast did not draw to a timely close by the end of November. In truth*, the latest episode had fallen sloppily into a Development Hellportal in metropolitan Washington, delaying its release by an unprecedented 6 weeks and forcing us to spend some serious cash money to fish it out. Through some tactful negotiations with the resident condo kings (long story), we managed to wrest control of last year’s 2013 Cacowards Post-mortem Podcast and get it back in the saddle in time for Christmas January February.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and may the Tango Truck roll ever on.

*In double truth, I’m a procrastinating idiot and this was recorded some weeks ago.

This very special and very long episode of Program B is an in-depth study and discussion of 2013’s Cacowards, featuring co-hosts Tarnsman and MTrop (the latter also being the recipient of one of last year’s cacos for his single player map Forsaken Overlook), and dew, whose quickfire handywork in the multiplayer department saved us a lot of trouble at the final hurdle. Standing in at over two hours in length, you might want to put the kettle on for this one, and get yourself acquainted with a nearby chair.

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Program B Episode 14: Doom’s Longevity

On September 25, 2013, in , by alfonzo

Episode 14 of Program B is a discussion on longevity in Doom. Approaching our favourite FPS’s 20th anniversary, it seems appropriate to once again ponder why the game has continued to thrive both within and without the immediate community these last few years. Can we envision this success to continue further down the line? Sideshow Pavera takes part once again in what turns out to be a very thought provoking chat!

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Program B Episode 13: Storytelling in Doom

On September 6, 2013, in , by alfonzo

Guess who’s back. Back again.

Tell all of your friends.

Episode 13 of Program B is a discussion on storytelling in Doom, featuring Xaser Acheron (of Yor) in addition to your regular co-hosts Tarnsman and Alfonzo. What is the importance of storytelling in a game like Doom, and what are the different ways in which you can employ a narrative or sense of progression? Does the use of source ports allow for story to be used convincingly as the central focus of a mapset? Does Alfonzo really have no idea what anime is, or is he just pulling your leg? All this and more!

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Program B Episode 12: Speedrunning

On August 20, 2013, in , by alfonzo

Cavort! Your traditionally post-fortnight Program B episode has finally arrived, and this week we take a look at the hidden world of speedrunning! Together with Tarnsman and myself to discuss the topic are The Green Herring, dew, and Dime, who is prolific in the realm of RTS and formerly of Team Liquid. With this diverse and capable party of speedrunners, we move beyond the brass tacs to discuss some of the less immediate questions surrounding the subject. How does speedrunning impact the way you value a mapset? What’s the deal with void glides? How best do we reinvigorate the public interest in this speciality?

It’s all here in one 70 minute podcast. Don’t miss out!

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Program B Episode 11: Feedback

On August 4, 2013, in , by alfonzo

Good tidings I bring from! TangoTV’s Program B episode 11 is now in a state of existence and tearing up the airwaves to the tune of screaming fanatics! Join me and co-commentators Tarnsman and MTrop as we chat about receiving feedback with Capellan of Doomworld. What do you value most in feedback? Does it matter who it comes from? This is one of the most comprehensive episodes to date, and we wring the topic for all it’s worth.

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