Program B Episode 15: Cacowards Post-Mortem

On February 8, 2014, in , by alfonzo

Contrary to any previous statement issued by the staff of Tango TV aka Doom Radio, the Grand Hiatus™ that long afflicted the community’s favourite podcast did not draw to a timely close by the end of November. In truth*, the latest episode had fallen sloppily into a Development Hellportal in metropolitan Washington, delaying its release by an unprecedented 6 weeks and forcing us to spend some serious cash money to fish it out. Through some tactful negotiations with the resident condo kings (long story), we managed to wrest control of last year’s 2013 Cacowards Post-mortem Podcast and get it back in the saddle in time for Christmas January February.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and may the Tango Truck roll ever on.

*In double truth, I’m a procrastinating idiot and this was recorded some weeks ago.

This very special and very long episode of Program B is an in-depth study and discussion of 2013’s Cacowards, featuring co-hosts Tarnsman and MTrop (the latter also being the recipient of one of last year’s cacos for his single player map Forsaken Overlook), and dew, whose quickfire handywork in the multiplayer department saved us a lot of trouble at the final hurdle. Standing in at over two hours in length, you might want to put the kettle on for this one, and get yourself acquainted with a nearby chair.

Discussions and points of interest this week:

  • Is the Espi Award for Lifetime Achievement best awarded on an annual basis?
  • What’s the wider consensus on mods and mapsets being given awards despite the lack of a concrete or formal release?
  • Should graphic artists, MIDI composers and programmers be given their due in the form of a separate award?
  • When will Tarnsman finally be fired, and when the hell did he sign a 7 year contract?
  • Is Pirate Doom basically what happens when “Ron Gilbert makes Guybrush Threepwood pick up a flintlock and have at some demons”?
  • Will torch bearing, pitchfork wielding psychopaths break into Alfonzo’s sleeping quarters and burn him alive for not awarding Hellbound and ConC.E.R.Ned a cacoward each?

All this and much, much more! Stay tuned for more podcasts by Doom Radio., and for your chance to be heard on the program and offer your ideas.

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