Interview with Obsidian

On March 29, 2018, in , by alfonzo

Doomworld has an impressive history of developing lateral-thinking level designers, and if the current era of fast mapping and mimicry doesn’t strike you as remarkable in its ability to do the same then consider the works of Obsidian, master manipulator of engine quirks and gimmickry. In today’s episode, Sid talks about his relationship with the game, project scope, hard versus self-imposed limitations, Heretic, the rise and fall (and rise) of A.S.S., the cleverness of preying upon players’ familiarity, horror, Maskim Xul, and the creeping acceptance of maps that cannot be beaten by their creators(!).

Obsidian is the one of the Doom community’s chief DeHackEd proponents, the founder and (occasional) leader of the ongoing Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions, and author of various works including Countdown to Extinction and Into The Code. His most recent work—the behemoth duo of maps in Maskim Xul—is available now on the forums.

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Interview with Patrick LeMieux and Amber Graham

On February 28, 2018, in , by alfonzo

Doom Radio is a platform that continues to explore the developments behind Doom’s community and to understand the creative minds of its greatest contributors. For most of its history it has done this in discussion with people who have a lengthy and storied history with the game. What, however, might we be able to learn from someone who is not only new to Doom but who attempts a more academic unearthing of its development and significance? Are there things that we can learn about this 24-year-old game that we aren’t positioned to discover from within, but which others are from without? Is there something that Doom can teach the world of video games, even, in the creation of “metagaming” phenomenon like speedrunning and modding?

In this episode, Linguica talks to Assistant Professor of Cinema and Digital Media Patrick LeMieux from the University of California, Davis, about his 2017 Doom experiment. Joining them is Amber Graham, a computer science major and student in Patrick’s program. You can find links to their projects below, along with the Doom Is An Art Scene video by jmickle66666666, which was shown in the introduction to the course.

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Interview with Impie

On February 5, 2018, in , by alfonzo

Hello and welcome to 2018 aka not another barren wilderness of Doom Radio/TangoTV content as we embark for the umpteenth time on a mission to improve the frequency of everyone’s favorite double-barreled podcast. I didn’t surgically replace my face with a microphone for the looks, you know. Together we’re going to make this thing work!

This interview with author/level designer Mike “@Impie” MacDee explores the creative process from a different perspective. Impie’s Winter Agent Juno tie-in series of WADs, including Project Einherjar and Midgard Outlaw, is a rare example of cross-platform world-building with Doom at its center. It allows for a fascinating insight into how an understanding of level design can help empower the development of a seemingly unrelated practice. We talk about managing creative commitments, the importance of limitation in making good games, the indie game movement, Heretic and Hacx (and how neither are much good), Matthew Costello, the repeat ignorance displayed by game and film studios, the death of the splatterhouse genre, the marketing skills required of self-publishing writers, similarities between the structuring of good levels and good stories; and all of it is complimented by someone with a remarkable breadth of knowledge in film, books, and video games (no, really—his name-dropping game is off the charts).

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Intermission – E2M9: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas

On December 24, 2017, in , by TerminusEst13

In E2M9, we talk about our schedule, the holiday season, the new members of the Anime Girl Appreciation Club, the pillars of the Doom community, drinks to share, the problems of too much choice, addressing the rumors that I only awarded Lilith.pk3 out of spite (spoiler alert: I didn’t and you’re an idiot), what makes GZDoom mapsets so cool, the difference in perspective between 2D gameplay and 3D gameplay, releases from nowhere, the passing of the Mockaward, gameplay mods for hipsters, gameplay mods with DRM, and what to look forward to 2018.

Intermission – E2M8: The Tower of Babble

On August 21, 2017, in , by TerminusEst13

On E2M8, we talk about different kinds of beer to drink, MTrop’s creepypasta trauma, our process for awarding Cacos based purely upon spite, what’s killing Zandronum, Kinsie’s fantasies, how Dusk’s success can benefit us, Strife mods, finishing projects, gameplay mods with feature bloat, dimsims, Heretic’s texture limits, the Great Bay Temple, little known facts about Doom and Heretic, female characters in mods, special shout-outs to Slax and Captain J, self-produced rule-34, and assholes.

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Interview with Linguica

On August 2, 2017, in , by alfonzo

In a move that experts around the interwebs are describing as “about fucking time,” Doom Radio has finally decided to get its act together and produce an interview with Andrew “Linguica” Stine. Yes, the guy who made InstaDoom. During the podcast you will be treated to a great unfurling of interesting facts and anecdotes surrounding Linguica’s return to prominence in 2014. We discuss the events leading up to Doomworld’s near-death experience in 2015, the forum software update, Brutal Doom, the rationale behind Post Hell’s (sort of) removal, Ling as a mastermind publicist, not playing the game, April Agitation, Linguortals* and more. There’s also a Tarnsman.

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Intermission – E2M7: Delayed by Pixels

On July 27, 2017, in , by TerminusEst13

In the very late E2M7, we talk about what it takes to be an American, gangsta style shooting, female protagonists as a selling point, roguelike mechanics, Minecraft’s status as a retro FPS, the status of Half Life 3, making Doom modding history, the gap between Zandronum and GZDoom, happiness being mandatory, egg on my face as I talk about developing High Noon Drifter after it’s been released, Wartorn’s favorite retro FPS Persona 3, Cage’s favorite retro FPS Chrono Trigger, Pillowblaster’s favorite retro FPS Borderlands, and banging Nazis.

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Interview with Altazimuth

On July 25, 2017, in , by alfonzo

This episode’s hour-plus interview features a different breed of nerd in Max “Altazimuth” Waine, who is the latest member of Team Eternity and one of its chief contributors. Attempting to bridge The Chasm between my knowledge in this area and source port enlightenment is an easy task for Altaz, who has a natural way with words, but all the same; this is very much a conversation for the uninformed. In addition to talk about the Eternity Engine’s goals and how they relate to neighboring ports we discuss the accessibility of programming, innovation, Patreon, promoting the engine, the relationship between developers and their player base, the significance of mods versus level design, and more!

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Intermission – E2M6: Dancing With Dinosaurs

On June 19, 2017, in , by TerminusEst13

In E2M6, we talk about netcode, Wolfenstein’s legacy, dynamic strings, old fashioned music formats, the best thing about cassette tapes, Kegan’s superior modding ability, animation interpolation, skeleton guns, streaming from N64 carts, the Turok anime, onii-chan’s packets, spiders, the fun of programming, the advantages of the Unity engine, Sonic’s status as the best retro FPS, the Wonder Boy Dragon Trap, and the final boss of real life.

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Intermission – E2M5: TNT 2: Dynamite

On June 5, 2017, in , by TerminusEst13

On E2M5, we discuss my stiffy for verticality in level design, marketing a retro FPS, playing Doom on your phone, what’s popular on Zandronum, dew’s status as a heretic, Dead or Alive, wet dreams, the importance of Minecraft modders, the going price for the Blood IP, how many actors the engine can handle at once, the confirmation of BTSX E3, the Spiderdemon, the identifying marks of a Kinsie mod, how a shitposter is born, intergenerational modding, international mapping, smacking people with newspapers, shittalking, and F-List OCs.

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