Interview with Linguica

On August 2, 2017, in , by alfonzo

In a move that experts around the interwebs are describing as “about fucking time,” Doom Radio has finally decided to get its act together and produce an interview with Andrew “Linguica” Stine. Yes, the guy who made InstaDoom. During the podcast you will be treated to a great unfurling of interesting facts and anecdotes surrounding Linguica’s return to prominence in 2014. We discuss the events leading up to Doomworld’s near-death experience in 2015, the forum software update, Brutal Doom, the rationale behind Post Hell’s (sort of) removal, Ling as a mastermind publicist, not playing the game, April Agitation, Linguortals* and more. There’s also a Tarnsman.

Linguica needs no introduction as the commander-in-chief, so putting some sort of spin on this blurb to get you to listen to the podcast shouldn’t be necessary. Still, in the interest of following through…: Just what might the sort of person who has an avatar like that sound like?

*I prefer sausage gates, myself.

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  1. Fun Parts says:

    sausage gate harharhar

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