Interview with Benjogami and Mr. Zzul

On July 19, 2018, in , by alfonzo

For all that Doomworld has been hotting up recently with some long-awaited projects finally coming to fruition and the announcement of the latest installation in the franchise, one evergreen bugbear of the forums seems to be staying lit, so to speak. Join Benjogami, Mr. Zzul aka Killer5 and I as we examine the “slaughter” scene from the inside and probe the edges of possibility for this massively influential and yet often maligned school of design. We talk about getting started, the concept of difficulty as opposed to slaughter, how the challenges posed within maps influence thinking in other areas of design, slaughtermaps as the endgame of Doom level design, the popularity of hard levels among streamers and more!

Benjogami is perhaps best known as the mastermind behind the recently released SlaughterMAX and the porcelain vignette titled Toilet of the Gods. Mr. Zzul is a noted streamer who occasionally works wonders in the level editor, with Dimensions remaining his grandest work to date. Thanks also go to the outspoken Nine Inch Heels, who was gracious enough to write out her thoughts on the topics discussed despite not being able to join us for this podcast, in the end.

Links Interview with Nine Inch Heels / Mr. Zzul’s Stream / Toilet of the Gods / dew’s political slaughtergraph lol

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  1. Pinchy says:

    Sunder: The worlds primary supplier of doom format Oxo Cubes ‘;,,;’

  2. dybbuk says:

    I’ve been listening to many episodes this whole week at work after I discovered not only doom radio but podcasts in general. These make the day go by a lot faster and I’m just thankful they let us use headphones while we do our monotonous jobs at the post office. Thanks for keeping it going, I can’t seem to find other doom podcasts to add to the mix though I’m sure they exist somewhere. I’ll wait until I listen to everything you guys published. It’ll probably only take a month at this rate…

    keep it up guys, we’re interested!

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