Intermission – E2M6: Dancing With Dinosaurs

On June 19, 2017, in , by TerminusEst13

In E2M6, we talk about netcode, Wolfenstein’s legacy, dynamic strings, old fashioned music formats, the best thing about cassette tapes, Kegan’s superior modding ability, animation interpolation, skeleton guns, streaming from N64 carts, the Turok anime, onii-chan’s packets, spiders, the fun of programming, the advantages of the Unity engine, Sonic’s status as the best retro FPS, the Wonder Boy Dragon Trap, and the final boss of real life.

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Intermission – E2M5: TNT 2: Dynamite

On June 5, 2017, in , by TerminusEst13

On E2M5, we discuss my stiffy for verticality in level design, marketing a retro FPS, playing Doom on your phone, what’s popular on Zandronum, dew’s status as a heretic, Dead or Alive, wet dreams, the importance of Minecraft modders, the going price for the Blood IP, how many actors the engine can handle at once, the confirmation of BTSX E3, the Spiderdemon, the identifying marks of a Kinsie mod, how a shitposter is born, intergenerational modding, international mapping, smacking people with newspapers, shittalking, and F-List OCs.

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Intermission – E2M4: The Longest Yard

On May 20, 2017, in , by TerminusEst13

On E2M4, I nearly kill myself editing a podcast that went over two hours of recording. I’m not writing up a summary after that.

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Interview with NaturalTvventy

On May 8, 2017, in , by alfonzo

The interview with Linguica hit a bump after a server fell through on Discord at the inopportune moment, but don’t worry; I had a backup plan! In this 60-minute podcast for Doom Radio, Emil “NaturalTvventy” Brundage takes to the hot-seat to talk about the development behind his best-known work and collaboration, his return from obscurity in 2009, the evils of the super shotgun, his involvement with the Chaos Crew and Caverns of Darkness, the attraction of designing levels for Doom 1 over Doom 2, playing with the music turned off (unless it’s Metallica), and denying the ever-present/alternative reality of how the community sees his work.

NaturalTvventy is a celebrated level designer who is best known as one of the two major leads behind No End in Sight—a 38-map megawad that was inspired by the Doom The Way id Did project of 2010—and for his ‘Ultimate’ affinity. He has a history with creating content for the game dating as far back as the late ’90s, with his cult offerings in The Beginning of the End and its sequel, both for Doom 1, and his contributions to other well-known releases such as Caverns of Darkness. With an outspoken and inspirational figure who is well-worth his weight in maps, this is a conversation for every member of the mapping community, prospective and established alike!

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Intermission – E2M3: The Return of This

On May 2, 2017, in , by TerminusEst13

On E2M3, we talk about Shitty Hell, Graf’s stellar quickdraw, using the engine in ways you’re not supposed to, Atari’s dedicated fun-hunting squad, the awkward downside of promoting a product abouts Nazis, the merging of ZDoom and Boom into a single source port, Kegan telling me to fuck off, smacking marines up, reasons to play the Eternity engine, Japanese Spiderman, spooky spiders, documentation, our favorite error messages, the qualities of Java as a scripting language, the history of ZDoom mods, magical Japanese powers, Bubsy the Bobcat, skeletons in a Doom mod, a mod from 1997 outdoing TCs nowadays, content creators who only play their own mods, just how many awards has Mordeth gotten already, and why there aren’t that many GZDoom maps.

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Intermission – E2M2: Loaded

On April 16, 2017, in , by TerminusEst13

On E2M2, we talk about Full House, canyon.mid in Mario Paint, legal issues, Intermission’s competition, Dead Simple remakes being the top-tier wad types of all time, ZDoom maps being the second-most-top-tier wad types, REKKR being more popular than Adventures of Square, Sandy Petersen mapping for ZDoom projects, millennials in the megawad clubs, Carmack inventing the .wad, how Doom’s saves work, Aeons of Death’s shining accomplishments, weapon and monster randomizer mods, turduckens, philosophy of weapon counts, HDoom’s weapon limit, hosting a Doom convention in Japan, what the Quake singleplayer experience actually is, censoring, Doom 2: 4 2, Doom 4’s uphill climb against expectations, all while I sit and brood in envy at how much better Alfonzo’s microphone is compared to mine.

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Intermission – E2M1: Sometimes Change Is Okay

On March 30, 2017, in , by TerminusEst13

In E2M1, we talk about Portal still being relevant in 2017, sympathy for Graf Zahl, floodgates, lens flares for sprites, maps for GZDoom being made for Edge, furries in Doom, a surprise attack by Wartorn (several times), Xaser spoiling secret projects, Doom on Greenlight, mapping for Brutal Doom, political Doom mods and our thoughts on Trump and what he’s doing to the face of Doomworld and Doommerica, platforming in Doom, shooting dudes in a Doom mod, the importance of hiding your DeviantArt favorites, the revolution of TNT: Revilution, BRITAIN BRITAIN BRITAIN BRITAIN BRITAIN BRITAIN BRITAIN, how Psychic has been in development for almost ten years and what’s left that needs to be finished, The Legend of BELDA :DDD, what incredibly super-retro FPSes we’ve been playing this time around (hint: they’re neither retro nor FPSes), all while I noisily eat ramen in the background which turned out to be the most tedious and lengthy thing to edit out during the entire thing so REMIND ME NEVER TO PODCAST AND EAT AT THE SAME TIME EVER AGAIN EVER EVER EVER AGAIN EVER.

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Second Interview with Jimmy

On March 20, 2017, in , by alfonzo

The Doom Radio Interview series resurfaces in 2017 with James ‘Jimmy’ Paddock, who takes to the hot seat for the second time in TTV history. During this 90 minute podcast we discuss the creative differences between composition and level design, the discipline of ‘speedmapping’, MIDI commissions and Patreon, the fine line between hobby and work, motivation, platforms for coordinating projects (and our shilling of Discord), meeting fellow users abroad, and the wonderful world of musical studies.

Jimmy is an accomplished student of the MIDI arts, having recently exceeded more than 500 compositions to play alongside his extensive modding and level design history with projects like Adventures of Square, Jenesis, and various contributions across Doomworld, ZDoom Forums, and Skulltag. He is a texture artist and coordinator of several ongoing efforts across platforms, and like the rest of us Doomworld tragics has made certain that he’s spread himself as thin across these obligations as is humanly possible. Poor bastard.

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Intermission – E1M9: Everything You Love Is Dead

On February 18, 2017, in , by TerminusEst13

In E1M9, we talk about Shivers being unable to play Doom anymore, Randi’s accomplishments in the community (you dun gud), how to take criticism, Dropbox singlehandedly killing the community, Shivers shilling his mod for ten minutes straight, how Laundry 3 still is not released, that now people have a reason to play TNT: Evilution, running from it, xlat, Xaser pooping out another golden egg, my erection, the endless war between Doomworld forumites and ZDoom forumites, how we have no clue what we’re doing, our impenetrable accents, the music in the background, how IRC confounds and confuses us, and Kinsie’s chair.

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2016 Cacowards Retrospective

On January 26, 2017, in , by alfonzo

It’s January 2017, and true to form on Doom Radio we’ve decided to sit back on our laurels and let the airwaves rankle for a bit. The Cacos have been shipped, the Intermission curtains strung; already we’re standing on the cusp of many new and exciting developments that will define the new year… what better time to cast an eye back over all that 2016 had to offer?

December. December is that better time. Doofus.

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