2016 Cacowards Retrospective

On January 26, 2017, in , by alfonzo

It’s January 2017, and true to form on Doom Radio we’ve decided to sit back on our laurels and let the airwaves rankle for a bit. The Cacos have been shipped, the Intermission curtains strung; already we’re standing on the cusp of many new and exciting developments that will define the new year… what better time to cast an eye back over all that 2016 had to offer?

December. December is that better time. Doofus.

This is a three hour back-and-forth between partners in crime dew, Terminus, Kinsie and me, dissecting the awardees, the selection process, Cacoward-community relations, and all the while providing an insight into the tumultuous blunderdome of unchecked authority. Pull up a chair or a rug or beanbag (if that’s how you choose to live your life) and get ready for a monster podcast. Also, try to select the precise time past which the whole thing descends into farce and dew passes out on the floor. 00:00:00 is a legitimate response to at least one of these events.

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