Interview with Altazimuth

On July 25, 2017, in , by alfonzo

This episode’s hour-plus interview features a different breed of nerd in Max “Altazimuth” Waine, who is the latest member of Team Eternity and one of its chief contributors. Attempting to bridge The Chasm between my knowledge in this area and source port enlightenment is an easy task for Altaz, who has a natural way with words, but all the same; this is very much a conversation for the uninformed. In addition to talk about the Eternity Engine’s goals and how they relate to neighboring ports we discuss the accessibility of programming, innovation, Patreon, promoting the engine, the relationship between developers and their player base, the significance of mods versus level design, and more!

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Intermission – E2M3: The Return of This

On May 2, 2017, in , by TerminusEst13

On E2M3, we talk about Shitty Hell, Graf’s stellar quickdraw, using the engine in ways you’re not supposed to, Atari’s dedicated fun-hunting squad, the awkward downside of promoting a product abouts Nazis, the merging of ZDoom and Boom into a single source port, Kegan telling me to fuck off, smacking marines up, reasons to play the Eternity engine, Japanese Spiderman, spooky spiders, documentation, our favorite error messages, the qualities of Java as a scripting language, the history of ZDoom mods, magical Japanese powers, Bubsy the Bobcat, skeletons in a Doom mod, a mod from 1997 outdoing TCs nowadays, content creators who only play their own mods, just how many awards has Mordeth gotten already, and why there aren’t that many GZDoom maps.

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