Second Interview with Jimmy

On March 20, 2017, in , by alfonzo

The Doom Radio Interview series resurfaces in 2017 with James ‘Jimmy’ Paddock, who takes to the hot seat for the second time in TTV history. During this 90 minute podcast we discuss the creative differences between composition and level design, the discipline of ‘speedmapping’, MIDI commissions and Patreon, the fine line between hobby and work, motivation, platforms for coordinating projects (and our shilling of Discord), meeting fellow users abroad, and the wonderful world of musical studies.

Jimmy is an accomplished student of the MIDI arts, having recently exceeded more than 500 compositions to play alongside his extensive modding and level design history with projects like Adventures of Square, Jenesis, and various contributions across Doomworld, ZDoom Forums, and Skulltag. He is a texture artist and coordinator of several ongoing efforts across platforms, and like the rest of us Doomworld tragics has made certain that he’s spread himself as thin across these obligations as is humanly possible. Poor bastard.


Apologies for the blips and bloops that you’ll hear from time to time; that’s Discord’s press-to-talk audio cue, which I forgot to disable before recording. Try not to notice it. Also try to pretend that Intermission E1M9 hasn’t actually been released more than a month ago, so that the end of the discussion doesn’t disclose how horribly overdue I am with this upload.

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