For this week’s episode of Program B, host regular Matt Tropiano and Doom superstar Rottking sit down to talk about recent events in the world of our favourite FPS. Actually, it might be truer to say that I hold them hostage with a bunch of questions for an hour, but who’s to know? Featuring as part of this week’s discussion:

  • Mrowr!
  • Gotta go fast: The speedmapping process and tips for folks who struggle to make levels within an alotted time. Having participated in tens of different speedmapping events, I’ve not once managed to make a map within 100 minutes, or even 2 hours! What do, captain?
  • Fringe world IWADs. Which games would we really like to see more maps for, and why? Which IWADs have the most promise, given a range of unique gameplay mechanics or resources that might have not seen their full potential realised in the stock levels?
  • Multiplayer Insularity Part III: Rottking offers his own two cents on the matter of bridging the gap between the multiplayer scene and the wider community.

Also in the pipeline is an interview with renowned speedrunner and founder of Alien Vendetta, Anders Johnsen! You’d better believe it. We’re going back to the roots of this enterprise and bringing you more, quality two-on-one discussion with the community’s biggest stars! If you’d like to ask Anders a question, PM me directly on Doomworld and I’ll be sure to read them out on the podcast.

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One Response to Program B Episode 20: Speedmapping, Fringe IWADs, and Multiplayer Interest

  1. PinchySkree says:

    I’ve been an active member of the doom community for about a month.

    I decided to try the Doom Builder about 3 weeks ago, created one test area map and loved it. I then started to build my own mapset, currently MAP01 and MAP02 are finished.

    I entered the speed mapping session #2, my map is MAP08 “Fireblue Baron Face Off” I’m happy with how this map turned out, except for the unintentional huge skip that brings the map down to an 8 second speedrun.

    I’m still missing some knowledge of map basics such as monsters teleporting in and kill triggers, otherwise the teleporter would have required killing the baron. Normally I would not use FIREBLU as a structure texture but it was one of the map themes and tied in with the name.

    I learned about flood fill from the set of tutorials on the Doom Builder website. I think Tarns must have skipped these.

    I found a link to this site from Tarnsmans twitch page info section, in case you want to know where your listeners come from.

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