Program B Episode 19: Camping, Tagging, and Map07 Remakes

On September 18, 2014, in , by alfonzo

What’s this I hear, a Doom Radio aka TTV Program B episode recorded one week after the previous one? Is a schedule finally emerging? Have the skies opened up to reveal the eschatological end-times of the universe? Whatever, there’s still plenty of Doom afoot and we’re back to chime in on some of last week’s more interesting events. Joined by Tarnsman and MionicDonut, this week features as its chief points of discussion:

  • The camping outfit. No, not the marshmallows and spooky stories kind… unless you find the prospect of a player propped up in the doorway to be a scary disassembly of your carefully orchestrated encounter.
  • The merits and pitfalls of Memfis’s proposed tagging system. How useful is it? Is it worth the trouble?
  • Multiplayer insularity redux: getting people to play more multiplayer, and getting feedback to be properly registered. TMD proposes an interesting duel tournament setup and discusses the viability of a deathmatch equivalent for the doomworld megawad club.
  • Planning another Map07, Map30 or Knee-deep In The Dead remake? KNOCK IT OFF!

One of the smaller lines of discussion follows on from the remake topic and gives rise to a few interesting points about Plutonia’s level design – specifically, that one, integral part of Plutonia’s identity that never seems to be addressed in any of the remakes thusfar put forward by the community: Theivery. How aware are you of Plutonia’s tendency to steal from areas of Doom and Doom 2, and in some cases entire concepts from a given level? Everyone knows about Go2It and Slayer… but what about the other 90% of the game?

See you next week, folks!

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One Response to Program B Episode 19: Camping, Tagging, and Map07 Remakes

  1. Cauldron says:

    Nice episode guys.

    Nervous laughter from me at one point as I had my first map open in front of me and it’s a remix of Underhalls!
    I’m making it for much the same reasons that you guys outlined for why somebody remakes a level as a first map, plus to help myself learn my way around Doombuilder 2. Though one reason I think people make/play remakes is because it’s another way of playing levels that they liked but with a new spin on things.

    If any of you play my map when it’s released I hope you like it and if you don’t, I’ll try harder next time!

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