2015 Cacowards Retrospective

On January 21, 2016, in , by alfonzo

2015 was another good year for our favourite FPS, playing host to tons of cool new releases, most of which (we hope!) were covered or otherwise mentioned in the 22nd Annual Cacowards. As a follow-up to the 2013 year-in-review, in which Doom Radio stitched together a two-hour special covering the ins and outs of the selection process, plus extras, we decided to do the same again, taking extra care to be even more self-congratulatory on a job well done.

Sitting down to pick apart the selections and generally big ourselves up are co-hosts Tarnsman and dew, who as many will recognise is the chief writer for the multiplayer section of the Cacowards. Highlights of discussion for this episode include:

  • What got snubbed?
  • Inner conflict and the lifetime achievement award
  • How many is too many for the runners-up awards?
  • Running down the Top Ten
  • The real meaning of Mordeth
  • The future of the Cacowards; answering community-issued suggestions

You too can take part in Doom Radio. Read this forum post for information on upcoming changes to the show, and contact me if you have any inquiries or want to arrange for an interview. Also, feel free to leave comments! We need to at least pretend we’re popular.

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