Program B Episode 21: Doom 4

On June 22, 2015, in , by alfonzo

…And just like Jason Voorhees at the beginning of every Friday the 13th, the battered cadaver of Doom Radio aka Tango TV comes lumbering back to life… or unlife, if you’re a glass-half-empty kinda guy. What invaluable opinions will we thrust into the face of the unsuspecting community today?

No points for guessing that this week’s (month’s? year’s?) Program B discussion is about the Doom 4 reveal from Sunday June 14th’s Bethesda E3 press conference. Host regulars Alfonzo and Matt Tropiano sit down with The Mionic Donut and Sideshow Pavera to blab out the beast at large; our expectations, first impressions, and wildest speculations. Listen to the 1 hour special!

Now then, some apologies:

Immediately following the upload of this podcast, Bloodshedder informed me that I was taking some pretty daft measures when it came to recording then editing these podcasts, and it was having a noticeable impact on the quality of the output. Turns out that dropping the unfettered .mp3 file into Audacity then spitting it out the other side is a recipe for disaster, so I’ll now be editing the raw .wav file produced by another recording program then forking over the FLAC file before encoding to mp3. I hope you haven’t been too inconvenienced by my fuckupery over the last 3 years.

Happy listening!

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