Intermission – E2M6: Dancing With Dinosaurs

On June 19, 2017, in , by TerminusEst13

In E2M6, we talk about netcode, Wolfenstein’s legacy, dynamic strings, old fashioned music formats, the best thing about cassette tapes, Kegan’s superior modding ability, animation interpolation, skeleton guns, streaming from N64 carts, the Turok anime, onii-chan’s packets, spiders, the fun of programming, the advantages of the Unity engine, Sonic’s status as the best retro FPS, the Wonder Boy Dragon Trap, and the final boss of real life.

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Interview with Kaiser

On December 9, 2012, in , by tango

i apologize for the poor audio quality; that was completely my fault. i did a poor job calibrating my mic on the new program we tried, so it picked up a lot of unnecessary sound. i tried editing out as much of the shite as i could

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