Intermission – Pilot Episode – E1M1: Entryway

On September 3, 2016, in , by TerminusEst13

Note from admin: We’d like to welcome TerminusEst13 and his crew’s new show, tentatively titled “Intermission”, to the Doom Radio family of programs. Let us know if you like it by leaving a comment.

In E1M1, we talk about Doom being popular and how unlikely that is, what happens when you smoosh wads together, Jumpmaze being for casual scum, Requiem for best aesthetics Cacoward, how much I hate Cyriak, Zandronum compatibility, New Zealand internet being inherently superior for GZDoom netplay, me not working on DUMP 3, Kinsie’s love life, why DemonSteele will never have its own mapset, juvenile power fantasies, how much we love a mod with a name we can’t even remember, and 2012 returning for part two.

Music used: David Shaw – Memento Mori II – Mizshunn Impassable

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