Program B Episode 17: Weapon Mods

On May 14, 2014, in , by alfonzo

Hailing all the way from page 3 of Doomworld’s General subforum is the oft-neglected thread for Doom Radio aka Tango TV, featuring this week for your listening pleasure a discussion on weapon modifications. No topless glamour models to ogle at here though, I’m afraid (although we were engaged in talks with Fredrik a little earlier in the year), just plain old Doom stuff! Guest regular Xaser is joined by ClonedPickle and Minigunner as we talk about what we’d like to see more of (or less of!) in the modding community, how weapon mods like Russian Overkill or Project MSX might somehow help in increasing the accessibility of genres or games, and whether they might be in dire need of their own mapsets to fully realise their potential.

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