Interview with Obsidian

On March 29, 2018, in , by alfonzo

Doomworld has an impressive history of developing lateral-thinking level designers, and if the current era of fast mapping and mimicry doesn’t strike you as remarkable in its ability to do the same then consider the works of Obsidian, master manipulator of engine quirks and gimmickry. In today’s episode, Sid talks about his relationship with the game, project scope, hard versus self-imposed limitations, Heretic, the rise and fall (and rise) of A.S.S., the cleverness of preying upon players’ familiarity, horror, Maskim Xul, and the creeping acceptance of maps that cannot be beaten by their creators(!).

Obsidian is the one of the Doom community’s chief DeHackEd proponents, the founder and (occasional) leader of the ongoing Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions, and author of various works including Countdown to Extinction and Into The Code. His most recent work—the behemoth duo of maps in Maskim Xul—is available now on the forums.

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