Interview with Hellbent

On September 28, 2012, in , by alfonzo

He’s the instigator of numerous community projects such as DTWiD and Greenwar, a notorious “pillar” of the community, and perhaps one of the greatest heralds of classic Dooming to be found on the forums today.

Tango TV presents to you >> An Interview with a Hellbent <<

Things to learn for the discerning interviewer:

  1. Stop blabbering, you fool.
  2. Have breakfast. Your brain is functioning at suboptimal levels.
  3. Punch your voice box before interviewing. Your voice needs to come down by at least half an octave!

These and many more unprofessionalisms can be found in the otherwise intriguing encounter with the pernickety* Hellbent of Doomworld. And if you’d like to be interviewed as part of the ongoing interviewing project and assist in Tango TV’s inevitable rise to dominance, drop us a line!

*I didn’t know this was a word. How fascinating.

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