Knee-Deep in the Code: Interview with CodeImp

On October 25, 2013, in , by MTrop

Hey, everybody. This week, we’ve got a brand new show for you on Doom Radio – Knee-Deep in the Code featuring me, Matt Tropiano, and my co-host, Doom Radio veteran Xaser.

Very first episodes require very special guests, and for this episode, we interview Pascal van der Heiden, or you may know him better as CodeImp, maker of amazing software such as Doom Connector and crowd favorite Doom Builder!

Due to the nature of the program, some parts of the talk may get pretty technical, but if you’re still interested, have a listen. Hopefully my awkward stuttering still makes for good radio.

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3 Responses to Knee-Deep in the Code: Interview with CodeImp

  1. Jake says:

    You have a natural voice and cadence for this Matt!

  2. MTrop says:

    Haha. Really? I wouldn’t have thought so. I still have to train myself to stop stuttering or stop talking faster than I think.

    Thanks for the compliment, Jake!

  3. Scorpion says:

    Great episode, and cool to actually get a mention :)

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