Interview with Capellan

On June 18, 2013, in , by alfonzo

An interview with Capellan marks Tango TV’s 12th foray into the world of idtech 1 stardom. Join me and Matt Tropiano as we sit down for a lengthy discussion with one of the Dooming greats — Adam Windsor! In addition to talking about both his development with the game and his likes and dislikes in design, Adam reveals much of the big differences between modern and old trends in the community, in particular the ways in which projects evolve or are managed.

Thanks to the folks who sent in questions for the show (even if one of them was the second most prevalent figure on TTV)!

In the dueness of course comes one Joe Pallai, though a date has yet to be set. As always you can spin me some questions and I’ll have them voiced on the program when the time comes.

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  1. 40oz says:

    around 1 hour in, MTrop talks about how we should have an annual megawad for newcomers:

    I suggest we do DTWiD annually.

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