Program B Episode 9: Genres and Labels

On June 25, 2013, in , by alfonzo

Episode 9 of Doomworld’s favourite* talkback podcast show is now in a state of existence. Genres and labels is the discussion for this fortnight, and Sideshow Pavera is the esteemed guest of honor! Join us as we talk about the definitions behind some of Doom’s more prominent terms in design, such as “linearity”, “sandbox”, and “abstract design”.

If this episode seems a bit harder to follow than most, it’s because my kettle was broken that day and I had to resort to boiling water over the stove to get a decent cup of tea, severely hampering my life schedule and causing me to lose focus.

Really though; be sure to post some of your feedback if you think there are areas that need working on, either in format or oratory.

You stay classy, San Doomworld.

*We surreptitiously administered large doses of debilitating drugs to the Doomworld membership with the explicit aim of evening the odds. TTV gained the majority vote with 51.8%, and Doomworld forgot all about it the following day. All true.

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  1. 40oz says:

    A sandbox map is when a map is oriented around a simcity 2000 minigame

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