Interview with Joe Pallai

On July 3, 2013, in , by alfonzo

July gets off to a cracking start with Doomworld’s Joe Pallai, who joins Tango TV in their state of the art studio for an extended look at his mapping career, preferences in design, and more! If you’re wondering about the art of map sketching, or perhaps about the development process behind Plutonia 2 following its inception, then look no further!

On second thoughts just download it anyway. That or press Play.

…And the TTV truck keeps on rolling! Where’s All The Data? episode 4 is on a collision course with this coming weekend, as well as your scheduled Program B, which this week is all about project leadership and management. I know it’s all a little bit overwhelming, but trust us and stick with it — it’s all good for you, you know!

NOTE: The interview with Joe makes reference to some sketches of his maps that we had the pleasure of being shown. They’ll be up in the thread once we can track down the link again.

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