Program B Episode 14: Doom’s Longevity

On September 25, 2013, in , by alfonzo

Episode 14 of Program B is a discussion on longevity in Doom. Approaching our favourite FPS’s 20th anniversary, it seems appropriate to once again ponder why the game has continued to thrive both within and without the immediate community these last few years. Can we envision this success to continue further down the line? Sideshow Pavera takes part once again in what turns out to be a very thought provoking chat!

Next fortnight’s Program B will see your hosts and guests talking about Mapping 101’s! We’ll be suggesting the various aspects of design that we think should be regarded as completely necessary when mapping for Doom… as well as the sorts of things that you should always avoid. If you’re struggling with your mapping or are otherwise looking for ways in which to improve, this episode could prove fruitful! Stay tuned also for the completed interview with Ribbiks, as well as the next episode of Where’s All the Data.

As always, we’re looking for listeners to send in their thoughts regarding the Program B topic, so PM me with what you consider to be nonnegotiable design choices in Doom level creation. Better yet, you can volunteer to take part in the show! Guests abound, I say!

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2 Responses to Program B Episode 14: Doom’s Longevity

  1. Badboy says:

    wow, already a new episode. nice!

    as a longtime quake 3 player i would like to mention something. “quake has not aged well”. we talk about classic quake. if you use quake 1 engine clients, for example dark places – ezquake (multiplayer) – remake quake (RMQ) the game looks fantastic. check it out. dark places engine with custom textures or tenebrae mod can look like doom 3. i cant compare anymore the original doom and original quake 1 in graphics and other stuff, because i dont go back to low resolution and lesser client settings and features. i use newer clients now. but shiny graphics, as we know, doesnt matter for fps veterans.

    quake got famous through gamespeed with enhanced movement and item fights. i think classic quake has more clients and modifications than doom. doom has indeed more maps. because of the skilled movement and item placement it is hard to built good multiplayer maps for all quake titles. a real challange for mappers. in a direct comparison, quake1 will win in many points.

    quakeworld was and is still the fastest fps today. and the qw players are dedicated and keep their game alive. i dont want to sound arrogant, but every community can learn from the small but strong competitive qw scene. they are elite but nice, help beginners, held leagues, promote their game, even do game movies in high quality. im not in this community.

    quake has the most splitted multiplayer crowd of all games, spawned over 5 titles and various clients, modifications, game modes. there is little rivalery with other arena shooters and was with id teamtactic shooters (rtcw/enemy territory). quakeworld/quake2/quake3 and quakelive is alive. i love doom of course! please dont do the “quake bashing”, id fans should stick together.

  2. Ed C says:

    Great show guys. I think you hit the nail on the head when comparing Doom to a piece of classic cinema. The action movie formula has changed quite a bit since the 1980s and special effects have progressed with the times as well, but I think Predator and Die Hard will always manage to find an audience.

    Also, to the previous comment, the Doom community has come very much around to it’s younger, more 3d sibling. I’d say up until recent years, Quake really got trashed for everything from combat to the color scheme. I think modern shooters and the classic formula have become so contrasted, it really shows just how similar Quake and Doom are.

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