Program B Episode 5: One-Man Megawads

On April 3, 2013, in , by alfonzo

Hark, fellow Tangolites!

Episode 5 of TTV’s primary talkback Program B is now ready for download… and you’re in for a treat! Khorus, Jimmy and Snakes agreed to set aside some time to talk to Tarnsman about the process behind making one-man megawads, delving into talks on stylistic compromise and self discipline, and offering their advise for budding level designers or those interested in the process of creating such monumental mapsets. If you’re keen on hearing about the minds behind such winning releases as Jenesis, Base Ganymede or Unholy Realms* (or otherwise have delusions of grandeur) then check this out!

Or you could just download it anyway. We, uh, need the ratings.

Coming up in the next couple of days is the characteristically delayed review of 2002: A Doom Odyssey in episode 1 of Where’s All the Data?… but most importantly we have an interview with Skillsaw coming up on the 7th, so stay sharp!

*My newly recruited and fully qualified TTV Fact Checker has just informed me that Unholy Realms still isn’t out. God dammit Snakes.

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  1. PinchySkree says:

    As part of my learning process, I’ve listened and added some notes to the design document for my flagship project that is planned for when I feel I have learned enough about what Doom is and how it works, up to Boom compatibility.

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