Program B Episode 4: Multiplayer

On March 22, 2013, in , by alfonzo

TTV positively strafe-ran here to deliver you this next episode of TTV’s Program B — a casual discussion on multiplayer with head honcho dew.

It’s worth noting that this is very much a layman’s approach to the topic. Both myself and Tarnsman aren’t very well versed in multiplayer, and I do a very good job at displaying my ignorance at various stages throughout the discussion and to varying degrees… but so too is it well known that multiplayer plays a distant second to single player here at Doomworld, and this is the something we hoped very much to address in this discussion with our limited base of knowledge.

If you’re familiar with the multiplayer scene then I wouldn’t hope to get too much out of this talk that you don’t already know. If you’re not, however, or are otherwise just interested in tuning in to a more focused discussion on the state of multiplayer in relation to the community at large, then by all means. Click the blue!

In future I think I’d do well to stand aside for an episode that focuses more on a topic that I’m less familiar with, allowing for someone with more expertise to step in and ramble on.

Anyhoo, the International Doom League is preparing to close out its winter season this Sunday, so be sure to keep an eye out for the time at which it airs, as well as for any possible streaming of the event.

Next week’s episode (number 6! #5 is coming up in just a few days time.) of TTV will be focusing on Doom 3 and 4. What we want(ed) to see, what we expect(ed) to see, and how modern games could or already have impacted both the games’ outcome and development — and the playerbases perspective. I imagine there could be a lot of people looking to voice their opinions on this, so PM me with your thoughts and rants or if you’d like to ask any questions!

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