Where’s All the Data? Epic 2

On June 12, 2014, in , by alfonzo

Ladies and men of the gentle disposition: a review of Epic 2! Once again I had to tow the damned thread up from the bowels of Doom General – a stark reminder of just how offensively slow this project is in 2014 – but it warms the cockles of my broadcaster heart to know that so many of our ravenous fans will once again be satisfied after a prolonged absence of Doomworld’s favourite podcast. Tune in to this month’s mock-professional dissection of eternal’s 32 map megawad for your chance to be considered an upstanding member of the community!

Somewhere over the horizon lies a state-of-the-art boutique recording studio. A cater-made chatterbox to meet each and every bigoted preference of Doom Radio’s hosts. Together we will reach this star, Doomworld, and overcome the treachery of shit quality Skype conferences. 

In the mean time…

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