Program B Episode 3: Quick-Fire Reviews

On March 18, 2013, in , by alfonzo

It’s episode 3 of Program B, featuring the eponymous hero! Today’s discussion is not actually multiplayer related — that will be hitting the thread in a few days time. This here number is rather a sort of quick-fire review on some of the recently released and upcoming high profile mapsets. In rough order, these are:

Bad Megawad
2012 Doomworld Mega Project
BTSX Episode 1
Brutal Doom v18
Go Pound It
Doom 2 In Name Only
Doom 2 The Way id Did
Monochrome Mapping Project
TNT2: Devilution
HYMN: Heretic Community Project
HPack: Demonic Uprising
NOVA: The Birth
Vela Pax / Supplice

If you’re involved with any of these projects be sure you check it out! I will warn you though — there is some measure of bitching and tomato throwing involved in this discussion. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, and we like to flaunt this fact with lots of expletives. Oh, I guess I should probably flag that up, too.

The dual interview with kristus is also inbound, so don’t wander off too far!

As an aside, I think I should probably voice my general dissatisfaction with the overall audio quality of the interviews and discussions that I’ve been putting out here, and I’m looking at a variety of ways in which to improve it. Granted I didn’t make use of the handy Levelator on this occasion because the file sizes are cumbersome and problematic, but if anyone is perhaps willing to collaborate on post-production or even take the reigns in dealing with it then that would be swell. It’s a big ask, though, so in the mean time I’ll keep at it.

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