Program B Episode 2: Source Port Features

On March 8, 2013, in , by alfonzo

Whatever would TTV be without ridiculously delayed podcasts? A better broadcasting enterprise, probably. But no matter, for Program B episode 2 is here and ready to caress your ears with discussions about source port features and source ports, with host regular Tarnsman and cross-community diplomat Xaser of Yor!

Also keep an ear out for a warranted tangent on the French language. It’s not the language of love, people. It’s the accent.

Coming up tomorrow is episode 3 of the program, discussing multiplayer, Doom as an e-sport, and other related topics such as the IDL. Once again, you can PM any thoughts you have on the subject (perhaps commenting on a possible segregation between communities, for example) to be read out and discussed during the program.

Also much worth bringing to your attention is the looming interview with kristus!, which should be slated for some time next weekend. Tango could even be present for this one, heh. PM me questions for the mapping god!

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One Response to Program B Episode 2: Source Port Features

  1. Badboy says:

    nice trailer at begin.

    interesting to hear problems of mapmaking. i wish i know the main features of gzdoom and boom. im relatively new to doom.

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