Interview with Khorus

On March 4, 2013, in , by alfonzo

Slightly overdue but nonetheless no worse for wear, here is the highly anticipated interview with Khorus! Unfortunately we didn’t receive any questions to ask the man, which is a crying shame, but much interesting ground was covered in this hour long segment. Tune in for a concise and detailed account of his mapping history, discipline, love of Strife, and for a discussion on the nature of community projects — a sort of encore to the topic highlighted during the first episode of Program B last week.

Also pending upload at this moment is episode 2 of Program B, in which myself, Tarnsman and mystery person “X” delve into the matter of source port features and the like. Be sure to check it out!

The tagline for next week’s discussion will be “Multiplayer”, featuring dew! More information on that later.

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