Program B Episode 1: Community Projects

On February 18, 2013, in , by alfonzo

Episode 1 of TTV’s Program B has been released to the masses and is awaiting your review! Pull up a seat and get ready as myself, Tarnsman, and guest star Pavera babble, bitch, bicker and banter our way through the subject of community projects, the ways in which mapping styles evolve, mapping teams, and a whole mess of other jazz.

Next week’s episode will be focused on source port features, and the way in which they shape our gameplay experience and influence the community. We encourage you to submit via PM your rants, ravings and lengthy tirades on this topic. We’ll be sure to read them out and discuss them in depth. Alternatively, if you’d like to feature on the program as our guest speaker then shout it out here and we’ll see if we can fit you in!

It’s also probably worth noting that Tarnsman was mapping throughout the entirety of the episode(!), and that this isn’t in any way an irregular feat for him…: we’re toying with the idea of setting up a stream showing Tarns’ mapping during the recording of the show both to satisfy the “TV” part of the channel’s title as well as offer the viewers an opportunity to pitch in and provide feedback on the fly.

In the mean time, enjoy! Grow a beard!

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One Response to Program B Episode 1: Community Projects

  1. Badboy says:

    funny woody allen music at begin and end.

    i think thats a good thougth that a good player must not be a good mapper at the same time. a modder/mapper needs ideas and often is a more like technican person.

    but a good player plays much, so he knows gameplay strategys. i know now that balanced gameplay is all mathematics. i see sometimes a creative problem to know so much maps. could be that a creative person “steals” ideas from others, unintended or not. you see that in all forms of art.

    slaughter maps are fun. in all moddable games there is approach to grab casual players through excessive gameplay. in doom and quake exists many “excessive mods”. the problem with extreme masses of enemys or more freedom (flying, faster shooting) is that sometimes the mood/atmosphere vanish.

    to fight mass enemys is fun, there are a few techniques to do that. i like the freedom in that. its very basic but at the same time feels ‘full’ (just good doom weapons and monsters, funny monster infight). there is a beauty in hordes of imps. this sets a contrapoint to intelligent and complicated designed maps, which of course we like too.

    to the topic of community wads. maybe there is the same problem like in all game mod teams. different visions and egos meet and after a while they split. a consensus or leadership is hard to accept for artists and creative people. what is funny, in a professional workspace (commercial games) it works with lesser problems. so my advise to all team members is, try to behave “professional” even if its a fanmade project. egos must learn to work together. there are artforms which are full of consensus. hollywood features films, band music, commercial games. i sometimes wonder that this actually works with a really big team.

    please give a link to the something awfull playthrough reactions.

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