Program B Episode 11: Feedback

On August 4, 2013, in , by alfonzo

Good tidings I bring from! TangoTV’s Program B episode 11 is now in a state of existence and tearing up the airwaves to the tune of screaming fanatics! Join me and co-commentators Tarnsman and MTrop as we chat about receiving feedback with Capellan of Doomworld. What do you value most in feedback? Does it matter who it comes from? This is one of the most comprehensive episodes to date, and we wring the topic for all it’s worth.

We are currently in talks with certain folks to see whether they’re available for interview in the near future, so in the mean time feel free to step up and be recognised in the bid to keep TTV the most listened to (only; generalized) talkback podcast for Doom alive!

Next week’s Program B will be on Speedrunning.

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  1. Eris Falling says:

    Heh, ~52:00 would’ve been much more interesting had Harmata led D2INO.

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