Program B Episode 12: Speedrunning

On August 20, 2013, in , by alfonzo

Cavort! Your traditionally post-fortnight Program B episode has finally arrived, and this week we take a look at the hidden world of speedrunning! Together with Tarnsman and myself to discuss the topic are The Green Herring, dew, and Dime, who is prolific in the realm of RTS and formerly of Team Liquid. With this diverse and capable party of speedrunners, we move beyond the brass tacs to discuss some of the less immediate questions surrounding the subject. How does speedrunning impact the way you value a mapset? What’s the deal with void glides? How best do we reinvigorate the public interest in this speciality?

It’s all here in one 70 minute podcast. Don’t miss out!

Next week’s (and thus next fortnight’s) Program B will take a look at story in Doom. If this seems like a bit of a scantily clad topic, consider for a moment the different sorts of narrative techniques that can be employed via different source ports, the arguments for and against the motion that Doom can be a game enriched by a decent storyline, and the different sorts of gameplay narrative that can arise from carefully arranged themes, maps and content. We’re not talking about Doom’s storyline exclusively, here!

On another note, it’s about time we got back to doing some interviews, and so at some point in the next few weeks we’ll have our sights set squarely on Rottking. But don’t take this to mean there isn’t room for more scheduling or interviewees! Spin me a PM or drop a reply in this thread if you’re keen on taking part on any of the programs featured on Tango TV, or if you otherwise have any suggestions.

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