Program B Episode 6: Music in Doom

On April 19, 2013, in , by alfonzo

Man, can you imagine how angry the fans would be if this thing was actually on time? Fuming, I’d wager. We’d never see the back of them.

Episode 6 of Program B is “all systems go!” and ready for tune-in, so what are you milling around for? Get clicking!

A slight hicup: This episode is not a discussion on Doom 3 and 4 as advertised. We had a couple of eager guests in Jimmy and essel waiting to jump in an help out at the time and so we elected to fast track to a discussion on music in Doom. 90 minutes of chit chat says it was time well spent, and we think you’ll agree as we cover a whole mess of topics from soundfonts to mp3’s, Mexican soap opera to Denis Leary.

I also used a more convenient method of mp3 to wav conversion before passing it through the Levelator on this occassion, although I’m not sold on the quality of the result… after it crops up on the site it should sound improved, but my apologies if it’s not quite up to snuff.

In other news, 40oz is on the cards for an interview on the 27th of April, so pen it in and spin me some questions to ask him on your behalf! You can can also begin sending questions in for a future interview with Natural Tvventy, date still pending.

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