Program B Episode 7: Playtesting

On May 15, 2013, in , by alfonzo

Well here it is, folks; a discussion on playtesting and feedback with dew and Seele00TextOnly, both ardent figures in the playtesting department! I tried my utmost to keep it down to a sensible 100 minutes in length… but a large, sentient cloud decided to blow in at the last moment and ruin everything like the blot of bad weather that he is. Being the self-proclaimed harbinger of Doomworld’s impending demise, we understand that this behaviour is entirely normal.

For those wondering, yes, this is the second time that the D3+4 TTV-pb discussion has been delayed, but you know what they say about 3rd instances. They’re charming!

Thanks to Jimmy for providing us with the now official TTV-pb jingle. You no longer need to skip or subject yourself to my terrible introductions and taste in music. Enjoy!

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